General Mills’ Multimodal Media Engagement

Internationally-recognized food name General Mills (GMi) was established in 1928 and is currently headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. GMi’s focus on serving food through branded consumer products in the retail industry has led to its booming success over the past century, culminating in $17.6B global net sales in fiscal 2015. Its brands are marketed in over 100 countries in Asia Pacific, Europe, Canada, Latin America, South Africa, and more. In the past decade, GMi has focused on expanding into natural and organic foods and increasing its presence in international markets. Its company purpose is to “serve the world by making food people love” by pursuing a culture that will “put people first, build a culture of creating, make food with passion, earn people’s trust, and treat the world with care” (source).

GMi has a wide social media presence. These include:

Additionally, GMi lists multiple websites that help promote resources, newsletters, and coupons/promotions for consumers to use. Amongst these are the Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition for health professionals, a product locator to help locate GMi products in the consumer’s local area, and places to acquire recipes or swap stories.

Of the numerous blog posts which feature GMi corporate news or brands, two were selected.

In “150 years of innovation, invention, food and fun,” Kevin Hunt, manager of social media in GMi Global Communications, helped GMi consumers celebrate its 150th anniversary last week. This reveals historical information on the company as well as fun facts on the brands and consumer items. Included in this article is a detailed infographic on the history. Plus, consumers got a peek into the corporate archives, which typically is not open to the public, through a YouTube tour.

One of the tweets associated with the 150 years blog post revealed some Betty Crocker portraits from the corporate archive, showing the changing “face” of Betty Crocker.

Another blog post by Kevin Hunt, “ABC highlights the history of Cheerios,” covers the 75th anniversary of the renowned cereal brand Cheerios. It introduced consumers to several employees’ stories at the Buffalo plant, including the plant manager and vice president of marketing for Cheerios. It linked to ABC’s article and video. The video was also featured in one of ABC’s tweets, showing how cross-posting between social media platforms can engage audiences better.




— Mobile applications associated with the brand (if any)